A guerra alemã contra o link (e contra a Internet)

Escrito em Junho 20, 2014 - Na categoria Diversos | Comente

PARA LER, de Jeff Jarvis, sobre a loucura dos editores alemães que querem que o Google lhes pague por links: The German war against the link:

Their demands are as absurd as they are cynical and dangerous. First, of course, Google is sending the publishers plenty of value as well. That is, Google is sending the publishers us: readers, customers, the public these news organizations allegedly want to serve. So what are we, chopped liver? (…) Google is never going to pay for the right to quote and link to content. That would ruin not only its business but also the infrastructure of knowledge online. If we can find only the knowledge that pays to be found, then the net turns into … oh, I don’t know, a newsstand?


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