Como comunicar ciência através da Internet?

Escrito em Janeiro 13, 2013 - Na categoria Investigação, Jornalismo de ciência | Comente

MUITO INTERESSANTE o artigo de Brossard e Scheufele na penúltima edição da revista Science, que advoga maior investigação na área da comunicação de ciência ao público através da Internet, uma matéria negligenciada mas cada vez mais importante. Deixo o parágrafo final:

A world in which one in seven people actively use Facebook, and more than 340 million tweets are being posted everyday is not the future of science communication any more. It is today’s reality. Scientists and social scientists must explore outcomes of online interactions about science in much greater detail. This work will have to be based on rigorous empirical social science rather than guesswork and anecdotal evidence about how to communicate complex and sometimes controversial science in these new information environments. Without applied research on how to best communicate science online, we risk creating a future where the dynamics of online communication systems have a stronger impact on public views about science than the specific research that we as scientists are trying to communicate.


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