Concentrem-se nos jornalistas fresquinhos, dizem eles

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OS PROFISSIONAIS de relações públicas não dormem – With Print Media on the Decline Will Journalists Be More Open to Your Story?

Interact with journalists at the paper or magazine online. Find their Twitter accounts or blogs and talk with them there about articles and blogs they post. Eventually you’ll come into their good graces so when you need a favor later they’ll be more open.

One last tip: since you’re concentrating on the future, try to find younger, up-and-coming journalists. You don’t want older people who may have retired by the time the tide changes on the whole industry!


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  1. Miguel Lopes sobre Dezembro 11th, 2012 4:26 pm

    Acho que acima de tudo, respeito pelos profissionais e os meios que representam, independentemente do histórico.

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