Relatório Leveson “irrelevante” para o jornalismo do século XXI?

Escrito em Novembro 29, 2012 - Na categoria Diversos | Comente

A APENAS algumas horas da publicação do relatório Leveson, uma coluna de Emily Bell no The Guardian diz o trabalho quase não fala de Internet – The Leveson inquiry is irrelevant to 21st-century journalism:

“Leveson deals with the nefarious ways of publishing personal information; it deals with the fallout of incestuous relationships run from the heart of government; and it deals with the personal cost of people crushed by journalism-as-showbusiness. What it cannot deal with is the regulation of the press in the 21st century.

What is the solution? To put “the internet” within the scope of Leveson would be as daft as it would be futile, and to regulate the press further, without having a broader definition of who “the press” might be, is a recipe for irrelevance.

The public deserves a vigorous free press, interested in digging out stories, and it deserves to have rights championed and explained in a murky world where the principal guarantor of privacy is wealth. It is unlikely Leveson will deliver either.”


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