O que é que os jornalistas acham do futuro do jornalismo?

Escrito em Maio 12, 2015 - Na categoria Diversos | Comente

UM NOVO estudo do Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism que vale a pena ler – Journalists’ Perceptions of the Future of Journalistic Work:

“The journalists who responded to the survey feel that journalism will be a harder profession with less institutional support in the future. (…) The results are striking for three reasons. First, journalists are clearly not in denial about the direct impact fundamental changes in the media will have for journalism as a
form of work. Second, while our respondents recognise that these changes are likely to make journalism more stressful, individualistic, and less stable, they are not particularly pessimistic about the future of journalism as a professional practice. Third, these results are generally consistent across gender, age, and how long people have worked as journalists.”


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