O erro dos paywalls

Escrito em Abril 15, 2015 - Na categoria Ciberjornalismo | Comente

JEFF JARVIS tem vindo a divulgar o seu novo livro Geeks Bearing Gifts na Medium e já aqui falei dele. O capítulo sobre paywalls é essencial.

“I worry that other newspapers will look at themselves in the mirror and think they can do what The Times has done. But they don’t have more than 50 million users every month as The Times does. Will a 1 percent conversion rate — or likely less — against a much smaller audience be worth the expense and risk of also reducing audience and thus advertising? They don’t have the loyalty that The Times has. Will they have the opportunity to make a pitch that’s welcomed? They don’t have the higher value branding advertisers The Times has. They must depend instead on a suffering local retail industry. And let’s be honest: They’re just not as good as The Times, not worth the price. That is why I have taken the slings and arrows of my detractors and continued to question the business efficacy of building walls and limiting growth.”


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