Quartz dispõe redacção para a era digital

Escrito em Novembro 13, 2014 - Na categoria Ciberjornalismo | Comente

INTERESSANTE – Quartz rethinks the newsroom for the digital age:

The integrated approach extends to the rest of the newsroom. Developers and editorial employees sit face to face, working on products together and popping in and out of each other’s chat rooms.

The rest of the reporting staff, as you’d expect, isn’t just writing stories and handing them off to an editor. As has become increasingly common in the rest of the industry, they’re expected to be comfortable selecting and sizing their own photos, manipulating spreadsheets and creating their own graphs and charts using Chartbuilder.

It’s a testament to the physical openness of the newsroom and its entrepreneurial values that a handful of Quartz developers have written for the site. Among them is Yitz Jordan, a senior Web developer who worked on the site’s recent redesign and the launch of Quartz India. But he blogs on the side about hip-hop and LGBT issues, and was drawn to Quartz as the “perfect place for a developer who wants to be around creativity.?


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